dictthin wrapper around webster's unabridged dictionary 7 months
dijoscriptable, curses-based, digital habit tracker 3 years
evacalculator REPL, with syntax highlighting and persistent history 20 months
journaljournaling system cobbled together with nix, vim, coreutils 5 months
pistaa simple bash prompt for programmers 22 months
promptvcs/cwd prompt helper, with libgit2 + rust 3 months
synfzf-friendly rss/atom feed aggregator 6 months
taizencurses-based wikipedia browser 3 years
xcursorlocatecursor location indicator for x11 3 years
dotfilesfiles that define my gnu/linux box 3 years
neovimexperimental neovim v0.5 config 13 months
nixosnerdypepper's nixos configuration 13 months
passwordspasswords managed by pass(1) 6 days
qmkmy lotus58 keymap 20 months
zmkmy ferricy sweep keymap 8 weeks
declarative-dotfilesdotfiles at deepsource (22/6/22) 17 months
rust-in-artsrust in arts at deepsource (12/8/22) 15 months
curiean upscaled version of scientifica 3 years
scientifica tall, condensed, bitmap font for geeks 2 years
aocsolutions to advent of code written in haskell 3 years
cutlassexperimental auto-currying for rust functions 3 years
fondantmacro based configuration management library 3 years
grumptext-only charting library for ocaml 2 years
obithe 1-bit image format 3 years
sdl-testsan un-named 1-bit pixel art editor 12 months
circlescheme interpreter written in scheme 3 years
liskan educational lisp interpreter written in haskell 3 years
rust-analyzer[FORK] modified to work on wasm targets 2 years
scope-toolstree-sitter shenanigans 5 months
simtree-sitter based tool to detect syntatically similar files 16 months
statixlints and suggestions for the nix programming language 17 months
presentationbeamer + nix template for university presentations 2 years
reportlatex + nix template for university reports 2 years
rust-binnix template to build rust binaries 8 months
18CS52finite automata and formal languages 3 years
18CS53database design 3 years
18CS54networking programming and security 3 years
18CS63compiler design 2 years
18CS72computer graphics and virtual reality 2 years
18CS73parallel architecture and distributed programming 2 years
better-text-objsadditional text objects for improved vimmage 10 months
vim-colors-plain[fork] duotonic colorscheme for vim8 15 months
csteaexplore rust csts 2 years
cstea-nixexplore nix csts 2 years
isostatica minimal, self-hostable, url shortening service 3 years
sitemy site and its generator 5 weeks
typersbasic typing speed website, written to learn elm 3 years